~Before the journey~
April 9

~Tokushima Prefecture: 発心の道場~
Day 1 April 10
Day 2 April 11
Day 3 April 12
Day 4 April 13
Day 5 April 14
Day 6 April 15
Day 7 April 16
Day 8 April 17 
Day 9 April 18
Day 10 April 19

~Kochi Prefecture: 修行の道場~
Day 11 April 20
Day 12 April 21
Day 13 April 22
Day 14 April 23
Day 15 April 24
Day 16 April 25
Day 17 April 26

Day 18 April 27
Day 19 April 28
Day 20 April 29
Day 21 April 30

Day 22 May 1
Day 23 May 2
Day 24 May 3
Day 25 May 4
Day 26 May 5

~Ehime Prefecture: 菩提の道場~
Day 27 May 6
Day 28 May 7
Day 29 May 8
Day 30 May 9
Day 31 May 10
Day 32 May 11
Day 33 May 12
Day 34 May 13
Day 35 May 14
Day 36 May 15
Day 37 May 16
Day 38 May 17
Day 39 May 18
Day 40 May 19

~Kagawa Prefecture: 菩提の道場~
Day 41 May 20
Day 42 May 21
Day 43 May 22
Day 44 May 23
Day 45 May 24
Day 46 May 25

~Mt. Koya
May 29

December 2010

6 thoughts on “Posts

  1. Hi Grace, I am being drawn to this walk (amongst others in Japan) and so extremely interested in the nitty gritty of your trip and what it was really like etc (esp from a female perspective). From my searches on the internet, it seems pretty unchartered and undocumented. I have just gotten back from walking the Camino de Santiago so very keen to try something new.
    Looking forward to hearing from you (and reading your posts – so get typing! 😉

  2. I am just about to start this pilgrimage myself and have been reading some of your entries. (Also your list of accomodations looks extremely useful!) I am normally not much one for personal-tale types of blogs but yours is different…it is well-written and I feel as if you and I have similar dispositions, so I can relate to many of the experiences and feelings you write about. Thanks for the useful info and tales from someone about to walk in similar footsteps; if I may say, I think you are an exceptional person. When I am done, I will try to come back to leave a followup message.

  3. I’m thoroughly enjoying reading through your posts here. I’ve read many personal accounts of the pilgrimage. I love your personal accounts and vivid descriptions! You should put this into book form- even if it’s just an Ebook. I’d buy it!

  4. Grace, I finally finished my diary posts on the ohenro, and I need to thank you on multiple counts:

    1) your posts got me started
    2) they also provided me with invaluable information as I went
    3) provided company when I walked alone
    4) provided dialogue when I was writing afterward
    5) and provided a great template to spring off of.

    I’m very grateful, and I’ve acknowledged you in my afterword. I hope you dont mind.

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